About Molivos

Molyvos, also known as Mithymna, stands proudly at the northern tip of the picturesque island of Lesvos, and without a doubt, it holds the title of the most breathtaking village on the entire island. Its charm lies in the enchanting harbor, where a majestic castle presides over tiers of stone houses adorned with vibrant red-tiled roofs. As these houses climb the slopes, away from the sparkling blue sea, they create a mesmerizing sight that seems to be straight out of a postcard. When night blankets the village, the castle becomes illuminated, casting a soft glow that turns the harbor into an ethereal and profoundly romantic place. It’s a perfect setting for an unforgettable dinner-for-two, where love can flourish amidst the enchanting ambiance.

Molyvos serves as the capital of the province and is part of the larger Municipality of Mithymna, which encompasses neighboring villages such as Skala Sykamnias, Sykamnia, Lepetymnos, Argenos, Vafios, and the rural area of Eftalou. This charming cluster of settlements showcases a rich historical tapestry, intertwined with mythical legends and ancient tales. Legend has it that Mithymna was one of the five daughters of the mythical King Makara, lending an air of mystique and wonder to the town’s heritage. Throughout the Middle Ages, Mithymna came to be known as Molyvos, or sometimes Mithymna, depending on various influences. The spelling of Molyvos with an “i” is often considered the most accurate, drawing from the assumption that the name derives from the West European phrase “Mont d’olives,” which translates to “mountain of olives.” This interpretation beautifully reflects the region’s affinity for olives and its lush natural surroundings.

One cannot help but be captivated by the traditional architecture that graces the streets of Molyvos. The town’s architectural style resonates with the customs, lifestyles, and modus vivendi of bygone eras. Recognizing the value of this cultural heritage, in 1965, authorities wisely issued a preservation order, safeguarding the entire settlement of Molyvos (Mithymna) and elevating it to the status of a protected town. Wander through the labyrinthine streets, marvel at the well-preserved buildings, and immerse yourself in the palpable sense of history that permeates the atmosphere.

Beyond its architectural wonders, Mithymna is home to an archaeological collection that houses impressive artifacts discovered in the surrounding areas. Delve into the past as you explore these archaeological treasures, gaining insight into the rich history of the region. For the bookworms and knowledge seekers, the town boasts a remarkable library, boasting a vast collection of over ten thousand volumes and manuscripts. Lose yourself amidst the pages of literary gems and immerse yourself in a world of knowledge and imagination.

In ancient times, music flowed through the veins of the Mithymnian people. One of their most esteemed poets was Arion, whose musical compositions were unmatched in their brilliance. The deities Zeus, Dionysos, and Hercules held a special place in the hearts of the townspeople, and their worship was fervent. The renowned poet Virgil himself mentioned the unparalleled aroma and nectar-like quality of Mithymna’s grapes, a testament to the region’s viticultural prowess.

While Molyvos has been shaped by its rich history and cultural heritage, it has also embraced the transformative power of tourism. Since the 1960s, tourism development has played a pivotal role in the life and evolution of the town. Every year, a plethora of cultural events and conferences, both national and international in scope, grace the streets of Molyvos. Engage with art exhibitions showcasing local and international talent, attend thought-provoking lectures, and immerse yourself in the captivating performances of theater and folklore. Molyvos truly comes alive as the vibrant tapestry of culture and creativity unfurls.

While tourism is an essential industry, the local inhabitants maintain a strong connection to their traditional livelihoods. Fishing, olive cultivation, cattle breeding, and agriculture form the backbone of the local economy, preserving the region’s authenticity and providing a glimpse into the genuine lifestyle of the people. Explore the fishing harbors, witness the dedication of olive growers, and experience the agricultural traditions that have sustained the community for generations.

Molyvos is a destination that harmoniously blends natural beauty, cultural heritage, and warm hospitality. It beckons travelers to immerse themselves in its rich tapestry of history, indulge in its stunning landscapes, and partake in the vibrant celebrations of its artistic and cultural offerings. Whether you seek a romantic getaway, an enriching exploration of history, or a taste of authentic island life, Molyvos promises an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting imprint on your heart.